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Professional Repair Service


With 30 plus years experience of building and repairing things I cannot list everything. So if you have a job and think I may be able to help, just ask me

  • Flooring
  • Carpentry jobs
  • Caulking
  • Cementing
  • Chair repairs (wood)
  • Concrete/Masonry
  • Alterations
  • Demolition
  • Doors
  • Drainage
  • Deck renovations
  • Drywall (Plasterboard)
  • Floor tile repair & painting
  • Furniture Refinishing
  • Glazier
  • Inside & outside Maintenance issues
  • Landscape & Gardening Projects
  • Painting/Staining
  • Plastering
  • Fencing repairs & paintingRenovations
  • Repairing wood cabinets
  • Waterproofing
  • Woodworking projects
  • Senior Safety Installation of Grab & Hand Rails
  • Painting and Decorating

    Paint Companies

    Interior & exterior Painting
    Interior Decorating Wallcoverings, Wallpapering, Texturing
    Wood Staining & Lacquering
    Special stone effect finishes
    Repair, treatment & protection of interior & exterior wood windows Replacement of glass windows & Puttying

    Best quality Israeli paints used but will use any paint preferance of the customer.

    All standard work includes filling and sanding spot repairs, repairing dry water damaged areas & sealing as required before painting.


    Floor Polisher
    Marble Floor After Polish


    We offer a service to Sharon residents: ROTARY POWER CLEANING for tiled floors.

    This service is ideally suited to those old "balatot" tiles that must NOT be cleaned with acid.

    The difference is remarkable for reasonable outlay

    You then have the option to just keep on washing them with a proprietory wax shampoo or we can polish/wax them for you mechanically


    It is a synthetic chemical transformation of the floor surface using specialist equipment and knowledge, to produce a finish similar to the conventional high gloss finish of honing and polishing of marble at the factory. With use of an industrial rotary polisher and polishing compounds to a clean, dry surface (stripped of wax or sealer) a fresh revived lusterous floor surfaced is produced.

    Who Uses Crystallization?

    Crystallization is for indoor use only and finds practical application at all levels. In Public Buildings, Malls, Offices, Hotels, Building Lobbies and Private Homes.

    Advantages of Crystallization

    It is difficult to compete with a crystallized floor surface. We achieve a real mirror appearance with a fascinating aesthetic effect. Dust has nowhere to adhere, maintenance time will be reduced to a minimum.


    Severely worn, uneven and scratched floors will result in an uneven luster. These floors need leveling through honing and polishing. This is a very expensive process and needs an experienced company specializing in this specialty work.



    Using the latest effective low level residual chemical insecticide (pesticide formulation) that is used in Hospitals, areas such as behind the fridge, dark corners, back of cabinets and units, between units, thorough open spaces in kichen cabinets around stoptaps and wastes. Behind toilets. Thorough spraying around door frames, windows from the outside and around the lowest ground entry points.

    Residual insecticides (persistent) remain active in tiny amounts but sufficient to kill pests for weeks, or even years after application.

    These residual insecticides act by keeping a toxic insecticide residue on a surface the insect will contact.

    Residual insecticides are useful when insects are a continual problem, such as cockroaches.

    Full explanation will be given before executing the process.

    INSECT EXTERMINATION - "We kill em!"

    Flat Pack Assembly

    Ikea Packs


    So It's Finally Arrived

    You open the first box and say to yourself "wow" that is a lot of bits. This is going to take me all day. flat pack furniture is a lot more time consuming than you think. When you need flat pack help, someone to assemble efficiently and reliably.

    Ikea Build Plan
  • Children's furniture
  • Office furniture
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Garden and Patio furniture
  • You don't have to struggle anymore.

    Whether it is a wardrobe, bed, desk, table or chair, If your flat pack furniture is giving you trouble you are one call away from help.

    (Ikea flat packs a speciality)

    Ikea Flat Packs on Trolley


    Flood Damage

    When the initial shock is over and you are left with a clean up task ahead you may need some help in recovering from the water/flood damage.

    You want fast response to minimize further damage.

    Its not possible to deal with all scenarios or anything too major but if you were out and the washing machine leaked all over the floor or someone lefft a tap running in the bath and the carpets are now soaked I can help.

    Available 24/7



    Home Office Before & After


    with a more orderly and arranged room and/or workspace you will enjoy your living and working place.

    I do not know what an organizing expert is but years of cleaning and working in peoples homes has given me an insight into how to arrange and organize household effects from the kitchen to the garage. Everything will be neat and tidy and get the best out of a space by working together with you for the solutions you want to achieve, like in the pictures.

    Kids' Room Before & After

    I will try not to invade your space and destroy years of nostalgic collections of bric-a-brac. But you must be flexible enough however and really want to get organized by following a few simple rules in answer to my questions when we go over your "buried treasures".

    There may be some expenditure involved in having to invest on shelving or storage bins etc. My method is simple:

    • Make a detailed plan of attack
    • Never do too much at once
    • Tidying actually creates more mess until the Phoenix rises
    • Do not be weak of heart
    • Ikea Storage Solution


    Rubbish Removal

    Domestic Waste

    Garden Rubbish

    You may have need for removal of garden rubbish including garden furniture, dead plants, weeds, broken mowers, garden tools, leaves, broken plant pots, fencing etc.

    House Clearance

    If you need to prepare a home for sale or lett or just bought it and require a full house clearance of general house waste and unwanted rubbish. We will relieve the stress and offer the service.

    Skip For Rubbish Collection


    Garden Waste Disposal
    Cleaning & tidying your yard, garden or garage is not gardening. It is a service before the gardner comes to do regular maintenence.

    After families leave properties there is usually a lot of unsightly clutter, junk (from old carpets, toys to broken furniture) left as well as an overgrown garden full of weeds all dotted around the yard or garden areas. Garden & yard waste will be removed to the local municipal collection point. Yard Cleaning is a general tiding up of your yard.

    Seeing to the neglected areas around the property will have a strikingly pleasant result when done.

    Prices are based on half or full days work plus haulage & skip expenses. Even flats with atriums or balconies can be quite messy with a build up of rubbish and the flowerholders overgrown. or both.


    Shower Tray Mold
    Mold and especially black mold can present health risks depending on the severity and sensitivity of those in proximity. Steps to eraddicate the mold should be done before it spreads too much.

    As Homepride has many years experience cleaning we also have learned the most effective methods to erradicate mold.

    Rising Damp Repairs

    The key to preventing an environment that breeds mold spores is a dry well ventilated room preferably with clean fresh air. So even if the weather is cold leave a window open in the bathroom and the shower doors also so the air can circulate.

    Tile & Grout Cleaning & Regrouting

    Mold that has rooted itself into plasterboard partition walls is a very difficult job to erradicate and it may well be untreatable.

    Experience has shown that most plumbers in Israel use an unsuitable cheap acetone based silicon around the shower trays and baths that soap and body fat residue attack, allowing mildew and bacteria to grow. This causes the silicone to discolour and/or turn black.
    There is no point in trying to wipe off the black mildew from the silicone sealant or the grout once it has got hold, because the mildew penetrates deep down; the only solution is to replace the silicone, and if it is grout, to colour or replace it.

    We offer this service also.

    For Senior Citizens & Widows

    Service For Seniors

    Seniors who live alone, especially widows, can find that their homes become more difficult to manage.
    Homepride offers a new way of taking the headache out of home maintainence for senior citizens. Our service is also suitable for seniors both women or men, religious or not who live alone and cannot rely on any friend or family member to help them.

    We offer two special services:

    The first:
    An odd job and repair service. Prices being exceptionally keen and the quality of the work high.

    It can be any small job that you cannot do alone or are frightened to climb a ladder if no one is around should you fall. This can be as small as changing a light bulb to painting your whole apartment

    It could well be no charge will be made as a courtesy if working in the area and it is a small job like getting something down from a high place or changing a light bulb.

    The second:
    is a special discounted/payments scheme that provides for more involved home improvement work to be completed in a trusting way.
    It enables homeowners to have improvements carried out to their homes confident in the knowledge that they won't be at the mercy of incompetent, expensive tradesmen but deal with one individual and receive full explanations before the job is commenced together with written specifications for the job.